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Bob Mehsikomer
"Simply Fishing"

Osbourne Bay is fished annually by renowned pro-Muskie fisherman, Bob Mehsikomer, nine time World Record Holder, seminar speaker, and host of TV's "Simple Fishing". Check out his library of videos on you tube today!

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Come fish with Bob June 1st for big smallmouth bass at Century!!! Contact Simply Fishing at 651-462-2313

"I have caught more big fish in Osbourne Bay than any single location on the planet. There has not been any place I have caught as many big fish consistently than in Osbourne Bay!"

An untapped resource, smallmouth fishing in Osbourne Bay has been overlooked for many years. Guests have come up primarily to enjoy fishing for trophy walleye, muskie, and northern.

With the recent explosion in interest for smallies, our area is becoming a new found secret regarding big smallmouth.

This past season, Bob Mehsikomer and guest, shot an excellent smallie show, catching many 4 and 5 pounders and 3 over 6! Don' miss the action!

Make sure to catch Bob at one of his many show seminars as he truly teaches through these intimate meeting with the public. Come with questions and get some answers. Bob is very approachable and wants you to gain new information to use for your next fishing adventure!