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Ontario Muskie Fishing Eagle Lake
at Century Lodge

The structure, stained water, and excellent spawning grounds make Osbourne Bay and Niven's Bay prime muskie waters. Numerous rock reed combinations, sunken reefs, sheltered bays, and submerged weedbeds are condusive to the most fantastic muskie fishing available!


Clear, spotted, barred, tiger musky are all natural to the area and are excellent all season,

June through September. Many of the best spots within site of the lodge. Only lodge in area.

July and August are great for top water action!

All fish are within castable depths, Osbourne and Niven Bay is notorious for not only numbers but Big Fish.
“25 muskies in one week! Day 1- 32, 44, 33” muskie. Day 2- 12, 28, 40, 46” muskie. Day 3- 34” muskie. Day 4- 28, 32, 32, 35, 41, 41” muskie. Day 5- 41, 43, 43, 46.5, 50” muskie. Day 6- 36”, 37”, 37”, 40”, 43”, 44.5”.

Mostly topwater and jigs. We will be back to try and top the trip of a lifetime!” Jason Beck Wacoma, MN

KIDS CATCH MUSKIES AT CENTURY LODGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Boated 11 muskie! 49”, 46”, 43½”, 40”, etc. Lost many more. Great food and had a great time.” Tom Holak St Charles, IL

“Great week- 90th muskie over 50” in the boat!!! Thanks to Rich, Kay, Holli, and Randy.”
Bob Mehsikoner Hugo, MN

Excellent cabbage weed muskies love!!!!!!!!!!

Century Lodge offers remote, secluded water sheltered from the heavy winds. Even on windy days we get alot of quality fishing in.

Our area is also unique in that we are the only lodge on the whole SE end of the lake.

These factors, along with the stained waters and diverse structure found in Osbourne and Niven Bay, give our guests the opportunity to fish premier muskie waters all day only minutes from the lodge.