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Smallmouth Bass
Trophy Muskie
Lake Trout

Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Eagle Lake

Excellent smallmouth population due to the limited fishing pressure. Pound for pound, smallmouth bass are one of the best fighting fish and fun to catch! They have been caught up to 6 1/2 pounds.

Many of these smallmouth are up to and over 20 yrs old. We are proud to announce that we practice catch and release for all smallmouth caught at Century to ensure this unique resource is preserved!

"Good People. Caught 49" muskie, 35" pike, 26" walleye, and 5 lb smallmouth! Plenty of fish and comfort."
Norm Montgomery
Lenoir City, TN

"18in and 16in smallmouth. 47" and 53" muskie, 40+ walleye, and 60+ pike (biggest 38")."

Bernhardy party
Kansas City, Mo

"Boated 15 muskies. Lots of pike, great trip. 20+ smallies, 26" walleye.
Tom Holak
St. Charles, IL

"Two 5 1/2 pound smallies. Best Trip ever!

Dave Bohm
Arlington Heights, IL

"Caught nice sized smallmouth! Had a great two weeks! Thanks Rich, Kay, Randy, and Holli."
Bob Zurface Greenfield, IN

"4 pound smallie on Jackpot! Great Time."

Paul Beck Streamwood, IL

"Too many smallmouth! Not enough time. 2 over 6 pounds, many over 5."
Bob Mehsikomer
Hugo, Mn

"Many 3-4 pound smallmouth. 38, 35 northern. 7 muskies. Good northern and walleye action.
Tom Holak, Jr.
St. Charles, IL

Pounded smallies
. 42" muskie. Saw lots of HUGE fish."

Holak family St. Charles, IL