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Birds & Ducks

Ontario Duck and Bird Hunting Small Game

Exceptional wildlife and hunting. Outfitted. Hunt in unspoiled wilderness for fall black BEAR. Also for MOOSE, DUCKS, and BIRDS. Hunting in the isolated wilderness areas of Osbourne Bay and Niven Bay is excellent!


Spruce Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, non-residents September 15 - December 15.
Woodcocks, non-residents September 15 - December 20.
Canadian Geese, non-residents September 10 - December 20.
Shotgun or bow


Mallards, Wood Ducks, Blue BIlls (Lesser & Greater Scaup), Goldeyes, Blue Winged Teals, Green Winged Teals, Pintails, Northern Shovlers
Non-Residents, September 10 - December 20

Combine bird and duck hunting with some of the finest fall walleye and muskie fishing to be found.

The ducks and bird population in the Osbourne and Niven Bay area are plentiful. The endless bays and open shallow areas containing large wild rice fields attract many migratory ducks and birds. Some geese and some types of divers are found in the area also. Grouse are especially good to hunt in late September when the leaves have fallen so they are more easily seen. Weather wise, it is best to hunt no later than mid-October to avoid too cold of weather. Walk the many abandoned logging roads for great grouse shooting.

Based on 2 people - 6 day hunt Single hunters 25% surcharge

Package includes:

6 nights lodging
Private cabins
Refrigerator, range, fully equipped
Boat, motor, gasoline
Bedding, linens
Freezer service

Rates available upon request